the context and refine the challenge.

when we get a brief, we read it again and again. Let each and every word sync to an extent that we are able
to translate it in our minds. in a language we have trained our minds to understand. Then we start the research.
about the brand,about the competiotion and about the target group.. Once this invistigation is complete,
we are ready to take on the creative challenge.


review past innovative examples

Inspiration comes from a lot of different sources.. Studying past works and approach
is a good idea when you want to create something pathbreaking. You will know your challenges.


the right insight

Once we have understood the research so much that we can recite it with
our eyes closed, it becomes really easy to get an insight. This helps create generous ideas.


conceptualize a solution

Once we have an insight, we release all our imagination and let it flow freely. THe ideas that
form are raw but helps a great deal when we are developing a concept for the communication


the extent of design meeting objective

It is important to ascertain the workability of a particular idea. An idea without a purpose
is actually more harmful than good.


the idea with anyone who is unaware of the true objective

produce an account of the process keep a track of learning and future reference

attain nirvanna

we attain nirvanna within ourselves each and every time we hit upon
a Big idea and execute the job to the best interest to the client